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~ It's good to see someone aggressively promoting honest-to-god fly fishing on the White vs. pitching to the lowest common denominator. It is such a good TROPHY trout fishery, but it gets pimped out by every male in AR with a jonboat and a fish counter as the place to catch 20+ small Rainbows a day per rod floating along drifting SJW or glo balls under a bobber. Don't get me wrong - there is nothing wrong with fishing that way! There is nothing wrong with guiding those customers! It's a GREAT way to introduce people to fly fishing and get them on the river. I'm saying the White needs folks doing what you're doing, TOO. And that has been missing for a long time.
~ Ken Morrow

~My fishing buddy Bob and I have floated with Larry several times and always had fantastic trips. So when I decided to take my son Steven on a float Larry was my logical first choice.Steven is a novice flyfisher and had never been in a drift boat before. Larry worked with him,taught him,encouraged him and had him catching fish almost before the trip had begun. All along the way Larry worked his butt off to make this a great experience for both of us. I caught plenty of fish but the most rewarding and enjoyable part was sitting there watching my son having the time of his life. It didn't hurt that Steven caught the biggest fish of the trip either, or that he almost landed a brown that would have made my biggest lifetime brown look small. We'll just have to make it back to go after that fish some other time. Thanks Larry.
~ George Smith

~ This was the first trip to Arkansas for dad and I. Larry did an outstanding job of putting us on the fish. We had lots of luck throwing hoppers, even scored a slam on all drys! Larry was able to make our poor casting pay off. If only all guides were this good! Thanks again my man, we look forward to fishing again with you soon!
~ D. Early

~ Larry - we had a great time fishing, and very much enjoyed our time with you. Will certainly book up with you next time I come up. Thanks for the pics, they came out great.
~ Roger Saylor

~ Hey Larry, thank you so much for a wonderful day on the river. There just aren't many guides who could handle my father, 7 yr old son, and myself all in one boat for the day. They way you worked with my dad (who is a first time fly fisher) and son to give them the trip of a life time is much appreciated. Aidan and dad are still talking about the trip today. I certainly appreciated you sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and experience with me throughout the day. There is no doubt that I am a better fly fisher due to our day on the river. You are without a doubt the best guide I have ever fished with. Your knowledge of the river allowed us to be productive even in bad conditions. Your expert skill set and ability to teach further enhanced the trip by allowing each of us to leave the river better fisherman. I look forward to trips in the future. Many thanks!
~ T. Ford

~ Larry: Thank you for a great weekend. We had a great time and will be back again soon. Pierce and Jack have both decided that fly fishing is their favorite kind of fishing thanks to you!
~J Greer

This was my dad and mine's first hopper trip and our first trip with Larry. First of all the hopper bite was great! Larry even had us casting into water that I wouldn't have called "hopper water" and we still got hammered by browns. But more importantly to us was that Larry was so laid back and fun to fish with. Dad and I aren't the best casters and that may be an understatement but Larry just gave us a few tips and if we were doing, "ok" he just let us fish. We have booked guides in the past who got a little uptight. We missed a lot of fish but I told Larry if we couldn't set the hook that was our fault. His job was to put us on fish, and that he did. It was a great trip and I will book him again.
~ JW Mallatt

~ Larry, Terri and I want to thank you for your help and patience in making a couple on intermediate fly fisherman feel like and get results like pros! You made our trip a real success with the finding and then coaching us into landing the multitude of rainbows on Rim Shoals, then the fun and excitement of big browns and rainbows off of the "Brown Banks" later in the day near Buffalo. It will be some time before the memory of that one particularly colorful brown attacking that hopper in what appeared to be a foot of water against that log fades! On what appeared to be very skinny water you helped us onto the fish, improved our technique in a positive way, and we thank you. From the start to the end of the day, you made it comfortable to us, and we know you won't take credit for 65 degrees and sunny that went with all the successful netting of the fish, but we felt this trip surpassed all our expectations and we look forward to seeing you again soon!
~ T.Richmond, Shawnee, KS

~Eddie Spaghetti here. Hey, I just read the article you wrote about fishing with Quattro and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Quattro had the best time with you and he especially enjoyed meeting Tripp. So, thank you for showing my little city fella the ropes of fly fishing and thanks for the kind words too! I really appreciate it...
~ Eddie Spaghetti rock guy

~ Larry,I had a wonderful time fishing with you as my guide. Never caught so many fish and my largest brownie. Oh yes,so sorry about the knots from time to time.
~ LW Mitchell Jr.

~ Something new has been added...Larry Babin, one of the best guides in Arkansas, is now fishing out of a drift boat. He handles it instinctively and seems to be guided by some other power to the best fising spots. I fished with him November lst and had big numbers and 3 big fish. It was a wonderful day.
~ Walter Coleman, Jackson, TN

~ Larry, I've fished nymph rigs, streamers, hoppers, midges and sometimes what looks like a bare hook, but all of them produced fish when you guided us and tied them on. I do not know who gave it to you but, the gift you have for producing so many fish every time I have gone with you is simply mindboggling. The patience you have, that my wife needed, ( I simply could not do it ) and friends whom had never picked up a fly rod, MADE the trip enjoyable. I was really worried it might consume the day but, you managed to keep me on the bite while teaching my wife and friends how to fly fish. Everyone asks me how did I get underwater pics of the big fish we caught and I told them our guide Larry had an underwater camera and managed to get release shots which is a very nice addition to the old grip and grin photos. I look forward to our next float down the rivers VERY soon and thanks again for all you have done to make our trips so much fun. Sincerely,
~ Todd Cromwell

~ Guide fixed excellent shore lunch and volume of fish caught. I have utilized guides during many trips including Alaska, North Tropical Queensland, Australia, Nunnavik area of Canada, Florida, western rivers and Gulf Coast. I've never had a better guide than Larry Babin and I have had some just as good, but guides like Larry aren't the everyday type. He had a main plan, and an alternate plan. He handled the drift boat expertly, and his boat was well set up to handle two people fly fishing. My wife is a beginner and his ability to instruct her was excellent and one could just tell he enjoyed her lack of skill, but eagerness to be instructed. She and I both fed off of that. His knowledge of his water was excellent and his ability to expend the energy to help us have a good time resulted in the main purpose - we caught fish and kept the anticipation of another strike preditable and expected.
~Samuel George

~ I took my dad fishing with Larry for Fathers day last week. We had a great trip. Larry is an excellent guide, great personality, knowledgeable and very patient. I can't wait ot go back and fish with Larry again. He runs a first class operation, If you are a begiiner or experienced fly fisherman, you can't go wrong with Hogs On The Fly. Thanks Larry!
~ Cory Worsham


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